Thursday, May 21, 2009



Liza Hirst said...

Karen Appleton quotes on her blog:

"Every painting shows a spot with which the artist has fallen in love"....Alfred Sisley

This is obviously the spot you have fallen in love with and definitely mine, too!

Aliaena said...

HI Liza, What an apt observation - I absolutely did fall in love with that lower leg - almost just published the detail photo of it alone without the full figure - but the picture quality isn't the greatest and thought it might not make a lot of sense all alone. And thanks you so much for sharing that wonderful quote it with me! I wasnt' conscious of it, but I probably do that all the time! All the best, Ali

justin said...

Aliaena, I appreciate your comment about my work. its so encouraging. thank you. and keep on. I really like your gesture work. the movement and mark making. You will be at Carnegie.
Cheers - Justin

Aliaena said...

Thanks so much Justin. That is very kind of you! As always, all the best! Aliaena